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Building a Safer Future: Gateway Builders’ Commitment to Safety and Environment

In the construction industry, where the stakes are high and the risks are ever-present, Gateway Builders has set itself apart as a beacon of safety and environmental stewardship. Located in the heart of the Greater Edmonton Area, this locally owned and operated company has not only led the way in commercial concrete construction and snow removal but has also raised the industry standard for health, safety, and environmental awareness on every project undertaken since its inception in 2012.

Uncompromising Safety Standards

At the core of Gateway Builders’ operational ethos is a profound commitment to safety. Before setting foot on any site, all staff undergo an extensive training program and are provided with the highest quality personal protective equipment (PPE). This commitment is further reinforced through our active membership in the Alberta Construction Safety Association, where we engage in advanced safety training courses to stay at the forefront of safety procedures, tactics, and protective technology. This proactive approach to safety is not merely about compliance; it’s a reflection of our dedication to ensuring that job-related injuries are minimized, if not entirely eradicated.

Our commitment to safety is underpinned by a comprehensive suite of certifications held by our employees, ensuring they are prepared to handle the diverse challenges of the construction industry. All Gateway Builders employees are trained to industry standards, holding certifications such as the Construction Safety Training System (CSTS), H2S Alive, Fall Arrest, Aerial Lift, and Confined Space Entry, among others. These certifications are complemented by advanced courses in Standard First Aid, CPR, WHMIS, and the Merit Contractors Supervisor Training Program, showcasing our extensive preparation in health and safety management.

Moreover, our commitment to excellence in safety is recognized through our possession of a current COR (Certificate of Recognition) for our Health and Safety Program, diligently maintained through the standards set by the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA). This certification not only showcases our dedication but also sets a benchmark for safety excellence within the industry.

Environmental Stewardship at the Forefront

Gateway Builders’ environmental ethos extends beyond mere regulatory compliance. We proactively adopt recycling practices and ensure the codified disposal of all hazardous materials, reflecting our deep-seated commitment to minimizing our ecological footprint. Our environmental safety precautions are a testament to our recognition of the construction industry’s impact on the environment and our responsibility to mitigate it.

Innovation and Expertise Driving Excellence

The foundation of Gateway Builders’ success lies in our highly skilled workforce, led by experienced professionals with over 25 years in the industry. Our extensive internal training programs ensure that all employees possess the knowledge and skills required to deliver superior quality projects. This emphasis on training and development, coupled with our innovative use of technology, enables us to meet the unique demands of our clients and exceed industry standards in quality and customer satisfaction.

A Culture Rooted in Safety and Quality

Gateway Builders’ culture is deeply rooted in the principles of safety and quality. Through rigorous training, adherence to industry certifications, and a proactive approach to environmental sustainability, we ensure the safety and well-being of our workers and the communities we serve. Our multifaceted safety program, including hazard assessments, regular safety meetings, and emergency preparedness, is integral to our operational strategy, ensuring safety and environmental protection are at the forefront of every project we undertake.

By embedding safety and environmental stewardship into the core of our operations, Gateway Builders stands as a beacon of excellence in the construction industry. Our dedication to upholding the highest standards of safety and minimizing our environmental impact sets us apart, making us a trusted leader in the Greater Edmonton Area and beyond. Through our comprehensive safety certifications and commitment to continuous improvement, we are not just building infrastructure; we are building a legacy of safety, quality, and sustainability for generations to come.

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