Gateway Builders integrates environmental, health and safety awareness into all projects.

All staff are put though a safety training program before stepping onto sight and all staff are provided with the proper protective equipment. Regular safety orientations are also mandatory for all employees to ensure equipment and tactics are up-to-date. Gateway Builders is also a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association and we partake in numerous educational safety training courses. Staying up-to-date on safety procedures, tactics, and protective technology ensure that job related injuries are minimized or nonexistent.

Our staff is also made aware of certain environmental issues that we wish to curtail in this industry. We strongly believe that environmental safety percussions are required to ensure that our ecological impact is minimized. Environmental safety is a growing concern in this industry and we pride ourselves on being fully aware of our impact. We practice recycling tactics in all situations that warrant it and our staff practices proper codified disposal of all hazardous materials. We strive to make a reduction in our carbon footprint.